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RS Series
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Quick Overview

  • Material Conical Section of the traffic cone is pure premium PVC. The base section is composed of recycled PVC permanently bonded to the conical section.
  • Tensile Strength Method: ASTM D638 Jaw separation rate: 500mm/min (20 in/min) Type IV specimens were created along a vertical line of the cones sides. The cones press-punched using standard die such that sample width constant at 6.35mm and sample initial.
  • Elongation Test length constant at 33mm. Each specimen’s thickness was measured to accurately determine stress. Strength (MPa)
  • Tensile stress at 200% Elongation.
  • Foldability Samples placed in normal position on flat surface and folded at the middle of the cone by bringing tip of cone to ground next to base while keeping all of base on the ground and holding for 10 seconds. The tip was then released and the time for the cone to return to its original shape was measured.
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Additional Information
Manufacturer: JBC Cones
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